Leslie A Hack, MBA

1101 North Kings Highway
Suite 103
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034


As the face of healthcare continues to change, Comprehensive Physician Consulting is an advocate for independent healthcare providers. The Comprehensive Physician Consulting (CPC) mission is clear: we provide ethically sound and cost effective consulting management support to physicians’ practices and ambulatory surgical centers.

At CPC we specialize in the development of internal strategic initiatives improving practice management. CPC offers administrative services, technical assistance, marketing and referrals, outreach and outsourced billing services to implement your plans. Comprehensive Physician Consulting is a NJ State certified billing company. As a Billing and Collections provider, CPC functions as a seamless extension of your team, focused on maximizing your cash flow—giving you the assurance of consistent, accurate processing by highly qualified professionals using state of the art billing software and hardware. Our consulting team contributes to the growth of your practice and a higher level of your financial success while keeping physician practices independent.

Developing sound strategy is the vital key to your practice financial success.  Even in the world of managed care, CPC services positively impact on our physicians’ profit margins. Our physicians rely on our practical recommendations, maximizing the value of their organizational performance. CPC is a high-achieving team of healthcare-management experts who share a belief that physicians should be able to focus on quality patient care, free from any excessive distractions from administrative or management responsibilities. We are dedicated to providing management strategies, guidance on implementing plans, technological and practical resources to maximize the business success of physician’s practices and surgical centers.

With more than 100 years of combined experience, our team has gained a depth of expertise in managing physicians’ practices. From business analysis and internal strategic planning to operational implementation; human resource issues, administrative and financial management; regulatory compliance and accreditation; and marketing outreach, our team joins forces with our physicians, contributing towards an improved patient experience and greater financial success.