Ellen Magenheim

Halo Health International, Inc. provides customized, ad-free Patient Education for your entire health system or practice. Your one stop health education solution. From waiting area to in room facility channels to after discharge continuing education, Halo Health offers an integrated platform that works with you to enhance the patient experience through education.

In Patient Rooms- Halo Health brings branded, customized patient education channels to your in patient rooms through your existing TV system. These channels run 24 hours a day and combine your education resources with ours to give the patient information on their health and their hospital stay. The channels are designed to maximize your patient education and help your patient navigators.

Waiting Areas- Educate your patients in your waiting and exam rooms using our HDTV-based network. Inform them about your staff, specialties, care programs, health initiatives, in network service providers, health and wellness info and more. Utilize this “down” time to reinforce your commitment to their health while helping to navigate your health system.

At Home- Reach your patients after they leave your office by utilizing our video library in your EHR portal. Or send the videos to your patients via an email or text. Help them learn about diabetes, nutrition, diet, exercise, heart health, smoking cessation and 140 other topics on their schedule!

On the Go- Finally there is a Patient Education solution for tablets that is easy for both the patient and caregiver to use. Introducing the Halo Health Patient Education App. This application, which works on your tablet, smartphone or home computer, allows you to show videos of the 7 most common disease states on demand before, during and after hospitalization or an office visit.